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Want better sleep? Enhanced blood circulation? Or just something to help you relax.
Then, all you have to do is to rest your feet.
More precisely, resting them on the Livemor Leg Massager.
The Livemor Leg Massager offers an extensive massage experience that promotes wellness for your whole being.
It effectively kneads and massages feet, ankles and calves simultaneously in a manner that replicates a real ‘live’ massage.
Eight massage discs for the feet and four discs for the calves perform a 360° all-dimensional massage while you set up to three intensity levels and various massaging angles to suit your desired comfort.
The power behind this awesome leg massager comes from four motors of pure copper windings for better efficiency and durability.
Every setting can be controlled from the simple control panel that also comes with a 15-minute auto shut-off feature.
Carry handles allows leg massager to use anywhere and the anti-slip base helps to keep the massager stable at all times.
Not least, the feet bags are washable to maintain hygienic use.
Suitable for feet sizes of up to 30cm in length, the Livemor leg massager is your instant relief for a hard day of walking and standing or just sore muscles.

Attention: The foot massager may interfere with the operation of a cardiac pacemaker.
Not recommended for use persons with cardiac pacemakers.


360° all-dimensional massage

Foot or leg massage option

8 massage discs for feet and 4 discs for calves

In-built roller

Flexible air-pressure kneading pads

Simple-to-use control panel

4 powerful motors

3 intensity levels

15-minute auto shut-off

Adjustable angle

Washable zipped foot sleeve

Portable carry handles

Assembly required: Yes

of packages: 1


Brand: Livemor

Power: 80W

Voltage: 220-240V; 50/60Hz

Rated working time: 15 minutes

Overall dimensions: 47cm x 47cm x 44cm

Cable length: 140cm

Colour: Black

Package Content

1 x Livemor Foot Massager

1 x User Manual